User Guide


Welcome to the User Guide. We’re so glad you’re here! This guide was created to take the guesswork out of using the Awake Labs technology. Inside you’ll find everything from what to expect, to troubleshooting and success stories from other users.

How to Use

This Guide

This guide is an ever evolving resource for the Awake Labs technology. Read this document soon after your smartwatch has arrived, or in anticipation of it’s arrival.  After you’ve been using the technology for a few weeks, return to this User Guide to gather all the information you didn’t know you needed the first time you read it. This guide will continue to be updated as our technology evolves and as new insights are shared by users like yourself.


Here is a list of important terms that appear throughout the User Guide. Refer back to this Glossary when you are unsure what a term means.

Feedback and Support Button

In the Awake Labs mobile app, there is a feature called Feedback and Support. Open the mobile app and you’ll see three lines in the top left corner. Tap that and the sidebar menu will come up. Look down the list for the “Feedback and Support” option. Use that to send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Mobile App

The term mobile app refers to the Awake Labs app you use on your iOS or Android device. You can use this app on a phone or tablet. 


The term smartwatch refers to the Samsung Galaxy watch. The Awake Labs technology uses this smartwatch to measure strong emotions. 

Strong Emotions

The term strong emotion refers to emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger or excitement. When you feel these emotions, your body can react by going into “fight-or-flight” mode. Your heart rate will increase, you may get clammy hands, breathe more quickly and experience jitteriness in your muscles. Your body can also go into “freeze” mode, where your body tenses up and freezes. 

The Awake Labs technology measures your body’s reaction to these strong emotions. To our technology, excitement and anxiety look very similar. This is why you will get a notification when the person who wears the smartwatch feels stressed, angry or excited.

You may experience strong emotions as a result of many things. Sometimes, sensory sensitivities or an unmet medical need can cause someone to feel anger or agitation. Other times, a small or ordinary event might cause an emotional reaction because a person has a traumatic history with that event.

People can be masters of disguise when it comes to emotions. Many of us have trained ourselves to hold all our feelings in from an early age, and this can make physically seeing a change in emotional state very difficult. This is something we learn because it can be helpful when we’re growing up. We often don’t realize it can hurt us when we hold it all in.

Our Technology or the Awake Labs Technology

When the term “our technology” appears in this User Guide, it refers to the mobile app and the smartwatch app. 

What’s Inside?

1. The Basics

A. Home Screen  |  B. Notifications  |  C. Comments

2. Historical Data

A. What is Historical Data?  |  B. How They May Be Useful

3. Troubleshooting

A. Need to Troubleshoot?

4. Success Stories

A. Sam, Building Trust with Caregivers  |  B. Abby, Managing Stress in Social Situations

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