Parent engagement in therapy can lead to better outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Parents who recognize the powerful role they play can make the difference in learning and therapy programs.

As therapists, you are faced with the challenge of encouraging parent involvement and providing them with appropriate training to benefit their child’s development, while not overwhelming parents with information and work.

BHCOE has compiled research and 6 quick tips to boost parent involvement. Their list is written about ABA programming, but can be translated across all types of therapies. “Parents not only need to recognize and understand their role in ABA therapy, but they need the tools, techniques, and support to help them step into this role to the best of their abilities.”

How to Encourage Parental Involvement and Boost the Success of Your ABA Program

Care teams across North America are turning to Reveal Stories to increase collaboration and keep track of important information about therapy. Reveal Stories is an app for web and iOS that keeps a secure digital record of behavior, diet, sleep, goals, and more. It replaces the back-and-forth communication binder and allows you to graph data to see trends and progress across multiple settings over time. While other data systems take months to set up, you can get started with Reveal Stories in minutes.

“I like that all the team is involved and able to share their ideas or any important notes that they see right away. The school team is even implementing tips from our Occupational Therapist.”
Mariam, mother of 7 year old with autism

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