Last week, Awake Labs had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Geneva Center for Autism International Symposium. Since 1986, the Symposium has brought together members of the autism community from around the world to learn about the best research and clinical practices available. This year, we joined as self-advocates, parents, professionals, teachers, researchers, artists, and exhibitors shared the space at the Metro Toronto Convention Center for 3 days.

For most of the conference, the team was stationed at our exhibitor’s booth right in front of the John Bassett Theater where many of the speakers presented.

As the conference went on, people stopped by the booth to share their excitement about the Symposium and talk about what they had been learning. We also invited them to take part in our exhibit by writing their thoughts about family-centered care; or whatever else came to mind 🙂

Many professionals, teachers, and therapists were also curious to learn more about Awake Labs and Reveal Stories. For those who had not seen us before, we explained that Reveal Stories is a collaboration tool that helps parents and teachers get access to care strategies when they need them, and helps therapist better understand what happens outside of clinic hours.

The feedback was amazing! People told us how much of an impact this collaboration tool could have for them. They were excited to download the app and invite their care team to start recording daily updates and sharing care strategies. We had to give away almost all our brochures to attendees who wanted to share Reveal Stories with their friends who couldn’t make it to the conference. We hope to hear from them soon!

We also did a bit of exploring during our time at the Geneva Symposium. Some of our favourite highlights from the last 3 days include:

  • Spending time with our booth neighbours The Big Blue Hug, AlphaBee, and Brighton Launch, and watch as Brighton Launch students sold the spa products they had handmade themselves at Brighton Launch Creation!
  • Finally meeting our friend, Laura Seckington, in person
  • Having a conversation with Dimitri, one of the talented artists who came to see us at our booth on the first day of the conference
  • Running into old friends from last summer when Paul volunteered at the Geneva Centre
  • Listening to Dr. Tony Attwood’s presentation on Depression and ASD, where we learned how physical exercise is one of the best approaches to address depression. We also learned that special interests can be a powerful tool against depression
  • Talking to people that came from far and wide to be at the conference – including QuĂ©bec, Manitoulin Island, Colorado, and even Spain!
  • Hanging out with  our friends from the Ontario Science Centre


The Awake Labs team is very happy to have participated in the 2018 Geneva Symposium. It was a great opportunity to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and be a part of the vibrant autism community. We loved talking to everybody who came to see us at our booth and learn about the best research and clinical practices available.

We hope to be there again next time!

To learn more about Reveal Stories or to schedule a demo, contact us at