If your child has just received an autism diagnosis or you’ve been navigating the system for years, deciding which of the autism services are best for your family can be difficult. Here are two great resources to help parents navigate the wide spectrum of autism resources and be the best advocate for your child!

The Parent Advocacy Tool Kit 

The Parent Advocacy Tool Kit is a great place to start. Whether it is teaching your kid to advocate for themselves or preparing yourself to advocate on their behalf for funding, healthcare, or school resources, this tool kit covers it all!

“The goal of this tool kit is to provide basic knowledge of advocacy and negotiation skills along with useful, practical tools. Although this tool kit is primarily foucsed on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the information contained is useful for families who have children with all types of neurodevelopmental disorders. This tool kit will show how to apply advocacy skills to different situations throughout early childhood and adolescence.”

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An image with blue text that reads, "Advocacy Tool Kit" and logos of the sponsors of the kit.
Holland Bloorview’s “Advocacy Tool Kit”

The Autism Parent Resource Kit 

The Autism Parent Resource Kit is a great guide that presents all the different resources and services that might be valuable to your child and your family. It is very comprehensive (and therefore very long – 114 pages!). It is an almost complete guide to where to look for the different types of support in Ontario. If you’re not from Ontario, it can still help you understand what might be available in your area.

“There is no one right way to use the kit as each child is unique and parents/caregivers will have varying information and resource needs at different phases of their child’s life. As such, this kit takes the view that, “If you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism,” and therefore, not everything in this kit will be useful to every parent, or useful in the same way”

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A white page with the text, "The Autism Parent Resource Kit" and the Ontario Government logo
Cover page of “The Autism Parent Resource Kit”


Note: the information specific to the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) in this guide is a little out of date after MCSS Minister Lisa MacLeod announced changes to the OAP on February 6, 2019. The rest of the information is still incredibly useful!