Reveal Stories

Use Reveal Stories to collaborate with your care team anytime, anywhere

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For Families

Increase confidence and trust. Work with your team to find answers to important questions. Own your data.

For Educators

Build on your students’ strengths. Identify challenges and address them as a team. Meet your IEP goals.

For Caregivers

Increase continuity and consistency. Generalize skills in many settings. See data from the whole team.

What our early testers say
We’ve been testing Reveal Stories with some of our close collaborators. Here is what they have to say



“I like that all the team is involved and able to share their ideas or any important notes that they see right away […] the school team is even implementing tips from the [occupational therapist].”



“Reveal Stories has really brought the team together and focused all of us. It’s brought unity where there wasn’t and increased info passing.”



“We are excited […] as there is potential for Reveal to accelerate learning and outcomes and goal setting, as well as improve communication across support systems for our learners.”

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Flexible, personalized, goal-centered

Reveal Stories is the single point of access for you and your support team to share information and keep track of progress. Reveal Stories facilitates collaboration and helps you and your support team meet your goals even as they change over time.