Reveal Stories (beta)
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The Vision

To develop technology that empowers individuals and families to advocate for timely and effective support they need in order to respond to changes and reach their goals at home, at school, and in the community.

At Awake Labs, we are committed to develop this technology in direct partnership with people being supported, their families, and their caregivers. We are focused on delivering products that are flexible, accessible, and reflective of each person’s unique strengths, needs, and goals.

Reveal Stories

Reveal Stories is a mobile app that allows each member of a support team to collect, share, and analyze information anytime, anywhere. Type a quick note, or speak into the microphone and your note will automatically be transcribed. All of the entries are instantly shared with each member of a support network. Reveal Stories lets you collect and share:

  • Daily communication notes
  • Therapy and learning goals
  • Changes in routine, diet, sleep
  • Notes on social interaction, emotional regulation, and communication
  • Detailed descriptions of behaviours
  • Antecedent – Behaviour – Consequence data
  • Notable event / setting event descriptions

… and more!

For Families

Use Reveal Stories to stay at the centre of your support team (network) / of the care process. Open lines of communication between members of your team (network) to answer important questions in real-time, address challenges in any setting and celebrate progress towards your goals.

With Reveal Stories, individuals and their families own their data and remain in control of their care even through transitions to different schools, caregivers and into adulthood. 

For Educators

Reveal Stories is an easy and convenient way to measure your student’s progress and to keep families engaged in the learning process. You can use the app to collect data related to IEP goals and to prepare for the day so your students are set up for success.

With Reveal Stories, you can access insights from other professionals in your student’s support network and share your own observations. Increase your knowledge of best practices, ask questions about intervention strategies, and share what works for you in the classroom.

For Caregivers

Reveal Stories gives you the opportunity to support your learners no matter where they are – at home, at school, and in the community. With access to data from the whole team, see how the people you support are generalizing skills, and how intervention strategies can succeed outside of therapy hours.

Reveal Stories also helps you analyze this new data efficiently with easy search functions and the ability to label notes. In the future, Reveal Stories will help you visualize data with graphs and charts.