Empowered care
At Awake Labs, we’re building technology to support collaborative care for brain and mental health disorders
Introducing Reveal Stories

For Families

Increase confidence and trust. Work with your team to find answers to important questions. Own your data.

For Educators

Build on your students’ strengths. Identify challenges and address them as a team. Meet your IEP goals.

For Caregivers

Increase continuity and consistency. Generalize skills in many settings. See data from the whole team.

Meet our team
At Awake Labs, our team is dedicated to changing how we manage brain and mental health disorders by making technology that truly changes lives. If this sounds like something you’re passionate about too – we want to hear from you! Please note, while our team is made up of what can be referred to as “neurotypical” people, we are committed to learning as much as we can from neurodiverse individuals, their families, and their communities. We promise that we will continue to listen, learn, and grow.
Andrea Palmer

Andrea Palmer

Chief Executive Office

Paul Fijal

Paul Fijal

Chief Product Officer

Arturo MP

Arturo MP

Natural Language Engineer

Bruno Portela

Bruno Portela

Head Software Developer

Jonathan Fragakis

Jonathan Fragakis

Software Developer

What are people saying about Reveal?
Reveal represents a huge advance in the resources available to help understand and support anxiety.

I foresee this being an essential tool in every special and mainsteam school. Bill

Education Consultant

I am so thrilled! It is the best info sharing that I have ever seen and best team approach I have ever been a part of. Stephanie

Kindergarten Teacher

Even a simple warning can save the day for not just my daughter, but my whole family. Iris & her daughter


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